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About The Foundation

The Mensch Foundation was founded by Steven Geiger in 2002, in his words, “to develop an educational curriculum to stamp-out stereotyping and anti-Semitic and racist thinking.” The Foundation's goal is “to develop a tolerant social order of values which respects minority rights and freedom of speech and worship.”

For further information about Mensch Foundation International, please visit www.mensch.hu

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Please help us serve Holocaust survivors in need. We appreciate all the help that you can give us.
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We are now in the planning stage of our fundraising campaign which we wish to launch no later than March of 2017. Hungary has the 3rd largest Jewish Community in Europe. We would like to do everything possible to make the lives of the Holocaust survivors better. We shall also be giving assistance to Holocaust Survivors in Israel and the USA. Naturally, much depends on how much we are able to raise and the generosity of donors.

We are registered in the U.S. as a 501c3 non-profit foundation.

In September, 2016, the New York Times ran an important article about the needs Holocaust survivors. Please read this story by clicking here .

The Mensch International Foundation is most appreciative of the moral support that Annette Lantos has given us.

In 2005 both Annette and her husband were the first Americans to have been recognized as "Mensch" by our foundation.

Please see her personal message below.

The Mensch Foundation International and its founder, Steve Geiger have been doing important work in Hungary since 2002, addressing the essential challenge of Holocaust education at a time of growing antisemitism in Hungary and across Europe.Steve has now undertaken the noble task of providing aid to needy Hungarian Holocaust survivors.It is believed that there are approximately 6500 such survivors and the Mensch Foundation deserves our admiration for stepping forward to provide support and sustenance to this dwindling community. I encourage everyone to join this effort with their generous support for the Foundation's fundraising campaign which will be launched in March. This worthy endeavor is one more example of how the Mensch Foundation is living up to its name.

Annette Lantos

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